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7 x 10 and 8¼ x 11 trim sizes

Full color Children's Book option

Do you have a completed manuscript that you need published?

Self-publishing with Lucas Park Books is the answer. You purchase design, typesetting, copyediting and more from Lucas Park Books (LPB) publishing professionals. LPB transforms your manuscript into an attractive paperback or hardcover book. We offer you:

  • Personal attention from our professionals
  • Quality design and typesetting
  • Print-on-Demand publishing flexibility - print 20 copies to thousands
  • Worldwide distribution through bookstores and online venues
  • Royalties for sales through retail channels
  • Add-on services such as copyediting, copyright registration, original cover design and much more

Throughout the process, you stay in control.

You retain copyright to your work. You decide how much, if any, assistance you require from us with the copyediting, proofreading, and indexing of your work. Our goal is to give you an unparalelled experience and a quality book.

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